Mercedes-AMG GT R in depth: the Beast of the Green Hell (German / partially English)

You want lots of technical info and geek talk? Here you go! The all-new Mercedes-AMG GT R aka „The Beast of the Green Hell“ in detail. Special guests: F1-Champion Lewis Hamilton, race and test driver Jan Seyffarth, Tobias Moers (CEO Mercedes-AMG), Jochen Hermann (head of development AMG GT), Thomas Ramsteiner (lead engineer v8 engines), Raphael Winter (lead engineer chassis and driving dynamics) and Jens Stratmann ( We also shortly visit the fabulous Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 and witness the „beast’s“ very first „hill climb“. :-) And before you judge too quickly over our host Bjoern Habegger (, please watch the video to the end. Thank you! :-) We hope you enjoy!!

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