California Cruising with the new Mercedes SL 450 and SL 63 AMG (German/English)

This is not just a thorough review of the all-new SL (R231 2016), it’s our celebration of beautiful SoCal and the one and only Mercedes that always seemed to be just made for it. The „Sport Light“ models have a legacy of over 60 years now. With its newest descendant we take you several hundred kilometers across the famous Pacific Coast Highway and the Californian mountain roads from Newport Beach to San Diego with some intense impressions of the new CURVE suspension system in the SL 450 V6 and the sheer force and thunder of the SL 63 V8 in San Diego. As usual, with a lot of interesting and funny encounters along our way ;-) We hope you enjoy!

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Soundtrack in chronological order:

theme from simon & simon by dominik hauser

ersatz bossa by john deley and the 41 players

california dreamin‘ (extended mix) by freischwimmer

good vibrations by brian wilson

tune in by rw smith

sugar zone by silent partner

bts prolog by kevin macleod

atlanta by jingle punks

the night falling by jr tundra

it’s coming by josh kirsch / media right productions

california girls by david lee roth

disconcert / in utero by anitek

urban tough by media right productions

california love (instrumental) by remix radio dj

california love by 2pac